We have been producing the mattresses of the best quality. For their production we use our own stocks – rubberized coir sheet, Listex and the materials from the brand producers. Our mattresses are ecological products, made mainly from natural materials and the materials, which do not harm the environment and they fulfill the exact  hygienic demands. This way the genuine mattresses perfectly tailored - made are created – the mattresses SEGUM.

  • Quality, life-time and comfort
  • Hand tailored made
  • The latest knowledge about healthy sleep


The collection of beds brand SEGUM was created on the base of our long-time experiences in the area of healthy sleep and market demands. The upholstered beds are made of the natural solid wood, DTD particle boards, comfortable foam and the cover materials of the best quality – leather, artificial leather and fabrics. Adapt the bed to your personality.

  • Quality, life-time and comfort
  • Hand made 
  • Timeless design
  • Utilization of traditional procedures


Quilting of mattress and upholstery fabrics

Our company Segum has started quilting of mattress and upholstery fabrics in 2014.


Coconut sheet and filters


Gumokokos je vlastný exkluzívny 100% prírodný produkt spoločnosti SEGUM. Vyrába sa vulkanizáciou za tepla z dvoch prírodných surovín, a to z kokosového vlákna a kaučukovníkového mlieka (prírodný tekutý latex). Kokosové vlákno sa získava z kôry kokosových orechov a dováža sa z ekologických plantáží Srí Lanky. Kaučukovníkové mlieko sa získava z miazgy kaučukovníkových stromov. Dováža sa z Malajzie.Gumokokos nájdete pre jeho vynikajúce mechanické a hygienické vlastnosti vo všetkých matracoch SEGUM.


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